One of the Best Pharma Companies in Haryana (India)

Haryana Pharma is a famous Pharma Company in Karnal, Haryana (India) dedicated to provide Health care Pharma Products.

HARYANA PHARMA is Indian Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Company providing a wide range of Pharma Products and health care medicines which are widely accepted by all leading hospitals and medical institutions in Haryana, India. We, at one of the best Pharma Companies in Karnal, Haryana delivers Pharma products which are known for consistent quality and ethical promotion all over India. Our team includes experienced professionals who test each of our pharma product on well- defined parameters before delivering them to our clients. With the wealth of experience in the field of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, we have been able to extend our best possible position in the Indian market.
We, as amongst leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Karnal, Haryana (India) who believe and consider this, and are aware that there is always a gap in achievement and perfection and complete perfection is never ending pursuit and can never be achieved at some point or another.

Our Pharma Products Categories


Pharmaceutical Tablets in Haryana, India.


High Quality, Easy to use Pharma Injections.


Pharma Ayurvedic medicines in Karnal, Haryana.


Pharma Capsules for all Diseases in Haryana, India.


Expertise Pharma Medical Syrups in Karnal, Haryana.


Standardised Pharma Paediatric Drops.


Quality Soft Gel in Haryana, India.


Dry Syrup to fight against Bacteria.


Pharma Ointment and Dental to relieve Pain.

Why Choose us?

Pharma Company in Karnal, India

Haryana Pharma is one of the top Pharma Companies in Karnal, Haryana (India) which are known for specialized pharmaceutical products and medicines that can cure world's most serious conditions and diseases.

Pharma Company in Haryana, India

Being a responsible Pharma Company in Karnal (Haryana), Haryana Pharma manufactures many pharmaceutical finished products like tablets, capsules, dry syrup, ayurvedic, etc. for treatment of infections and diseases to promote proper Health Care.

We, one of the Top Pharma Company in Haryana (India) serve our customers best quality products in appropriate time. The Pharma products we provide is due to our 100% efforts in the QUALITY of these products by our professionals. Amongst all the Pharma Companies in Karnal, Haryana we provides a highest level of satisfaction to our patients.
Pharma Company in Haryana, India

Our Mission

Being a leading Pharma Company in Karnal, Haryana (India), our mission is to provide an extensive range of Healthcare Pharma Products and Medicines.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to finish the journey of being trusted name in the top Pharma Company in Haryana (India), and provide new solutions for the health care of the patients.

Quality Policy

Haryana Pharma never compromises on the front of quality standards.

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